#Toryelectionfraud justice requires FULL reckoning, not #McKinlay as sacrificial lamb

I thought much the same about only one MP as an example. I also noticed it just happens to be the seat Farage stood for, which in the scheme of things might mean nothing, maybe my cynicism about the way the whole system works is working overtime at present.


At long last – and contrary to the expectations of many who saw the limitations-clock ticking down to a free pass for the Tories – police have begun to take action following their investigations into fraudulent Tory election expenditure.

mckinlayThe recent emergence of whistleblowers among Tory General Election campaigners, who have testified to the knowing breaches of spending laws by Conservative campaign managers and MPs, has done much to focus the attention of mainstream press and broadcasters who had previously acted as if the investigation did not exist.

All to the good.

c4 wblowersBut there has also been talk over the last week or so of one or two Tories being ‘made an example of’ as a means of putting the matter to bed.

Let’s be clear, Tory election fraud in 2015 was planned, systematic and virtually nationwide – around 30 Tory MPs/candidates were implicated and most were under active police…

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