As Wirral Borough Council forks out £1.3 million – ‘Transformation’ is the watch-word

Wirral In It Together

12 03 2017 - dvsa jeff green and paul satoor12th March 2017

Following this recent article in the Wirral Globe…

…it’s becoming clear that despite crushing austerity for us mere mortals, large gobbets of council tax money are being magicked up to create highly-remunerated senior posts, some apparently permanent, some not, some appearing to conflict with each other, but all done on a wing and a prayer in the hope that ‘savings’ – not swingeing cuts – can be made at some unknown point in the future.

Councillor Jeff Green, leader of Wirral’s Tory party can be seen pouring forth in earnest in the above article, “raging” long and hard about the unfairness of all this … almost – but not quite – to the brink of making himself look ‘electable’.

However, when we dig a little further, no questions appear to have been put to Councillor Green about the exceedingly cosy-looking circumstances of one person’s good fortune.

This arrived…

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