Can you spare a pound or two to help this fantastic campaigner in need?

Wish I could help, unfortunately due to my own financial ssituation am unable to do anything more than reblog.


Most SKWAWKBOX followers will know @Rachael_Swindon as a fantastic blogger, campaigner and creator of some of the hardest-hitting, highest-quality political memes you’ll find.

What you might not know is that she’s a full-time mother and carer for a disabled husband, who manages on even less sleep than I do to somehow do what she does to raise awareness of the evils of this government and who has been scraping by without benefits for months because of a government error.

rswindon.pngShe didn’t ask me to write this, in fact I had to twist her arm to let me when I found out that she was facing an unexpected and unavoidable financial emergency. I’ve helped directly as much as I can afford to but – as was demonstrated when all you lovely people helped me – I have fantastically kind and generous followers.

I’m looking for as many people as possible to…

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