Malcontent Labour MPs Expose Their True Fears – Corbyn Might Win!

Turning the Tide

You say you [malcontent Labour MPs] believe that Jeremy Corbyn is a disaster on a stick, supported by a deluded membership who are happily sleepwalking toward electoral annihilation. Let’s assume for arguments sake that I believe you. Then let me go one step further and actually pretend to be you.

If I was convinced Corbyn was a walking disaster, propped up by a deluded membership, I would never tweet contemptuous tweets about Corbyn. Why? Because I’d know it would cement support for his leadership amongst the members. I’d never let anyone accuse me of preferring to publicly kick the leader than attack the Tories. I wouldn’t want to reinforce my reputation as a supporter of Tory policy, or remind the members of my support for Tory austerity and Privatisation; things that had driven them into the arms of Corbyn in the first place.


If I was genuinely disappointed by Corbyn’s…

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