Open Letter To The Bitterite PLP Plotters From An Exasperated, Angry Labour Member

Turning the Tide


If you spend much more time whispering in darkened corners, you’ll end up looking like Gollum from Lord of the rings. You already sound like him. ‘It’s our precious…..those sneaky members can’t have it.’


Unfortunately your whispering and plotting doesn’t stay in those dark corners. Even before Jeremy won, you were undermining him; pledging not to serve in his shadow cabinet, referring to him as ‘hard left’ and labelling his supporters as mad, bad or in need of a heart transplant. We’ve given up hope you’ll put the party before your bitterness. And ‘thanks’ to your electorally toxic antics amplified by an anti-Corbyn media, some people have given up hope of electoral success. But we haven’t given up on Jeremy, or socialism.

That’s why you’ve had to come up with this new plan, to gather anti-Corbyn data whilst canvassing to ‘prove’ that Corbyn is losing us votes.


Except we have…

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