Lab Right’s declaration of war means gloves off for #deselection


chamberlain red.pngA woeful article by George Eaton in the now-LibDemNew Statesman contains an extraordinary – and extraordinarily ill-advised – admission by a right-wing Labour MP.

George Eaton’s attack piece, which should be given no more credence for its conclusions about Jeremy Corbyn than any other hostile publication, tries to assume its conclusion that the Labour leader has to go – but that’s just ‘business as usual’ from hostile media. (It won’t be linked from this blog as we have no wish to drive traffic to a poor site, but you’ll find it easily enough if you’re so inclined, by searching for Eaton’s name and “Jeremy knows”.)

Of far greater significance, though, is that reckless admission:

purge.pngThis amounts to a declaration of war by a Labour Right that has become increasingly desperate recently – which probably explains the recklessness.

Right-wing Labour MPs and their supporters have bleated incessantly about the supposed…

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