Cuts That Will Cut Deep It Is Time To Say Enough!


This  is one I have been contemplating a while, what will it take to get people to see the fact that austerity is ideologically driven and that those who think they are safe are not? None of us are safe from a Government out of control!

In the next two years more harm will come to those who can least afford it and the people who are the ‘Jams’ will get shafted more, as there  those on benefits face more unprecedented cuts to their financial stability while the  basic safety net is cut time and time again. This is Class War and it is scary and time people opened their eyes to the unpalatable truth and took their rose coloured spectacles off.

In the future our Children will find themselves in a world totally unknown to them,where they don’t have a voice,where they don’t get justice and are left brutalised…

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