Time to get rid of Austin and his hypocritical bullies. And sack McNicol


Last night, the outstanding Shadow Justice Secretary Richard Burgon posted an innocuous tweet about an encounter with a couple of his constituents. It was the cue for one of the most nauseating displays of online bullying you’ll see.

And the bullies were ‘Labour’ MPs – though that needs to end immediately.

trolleyBurgon tweeted about an encounter with a schoolchild and her mother in a supermarket:

burgontesco.pngThere’s nothing objectionable in the tweet. No insult to anyone. Just the observation that people feel distanced from the members of Parliament that represent them and that it’s something that needs to change. But it was enough to infuriate some – presumably because their constituents would never recognise them in public.

The first to react this morning was Ian Austin, genuinely one the most unpleasant, immature, arrogant and least likeable MPs in any party. He has a record of bullying and odious behaviour, including letting the…

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