Going Through The WCA Process Again

So exactly two years since my last Work Capability Assessment, the DWP sent out the ESA50 form to me, to begin the torturous process once again. This seems designed to be deliberately logic and common-sense free as I’ve attended all the appts required of me by the job-centre as part of being in WRAG. They’ve taken copious notes, made suggestions (my local job-centre even maintains a relationship with the centre where I receive some of my treatment) so they know how far I’m moving forward (or not). They know what treatments I’ve accepted/completed. They have a fairly good picture of where I am, so a third party now wanting to assess me seems either overkill or another attempt to falsely claim I’m now fit for work. The form in itself is skewed to physical ailments, only peripherally covering any mental health issues, also trying to explain effects/day to day of illness is difficult to say the least. Anyway having completed the form and sent it back now comes the wait for what they decide. A face to face seems likely, no matter that the letter states that might not happen. A decision against me based on the form alone is another terrifying prospect, so I feel in limbo at moment waiting for the letter to fall through the door. This arbitrary time limit placed on people’s recovery once placed in WRAG means any steps forward
I or others may have made towards at least functioning well are either put at risk or totally obliterated by the stress, anxiety caused going through this process again. Although it’s glaringly obvious that the people who thought up this process don’t seem to possess the same levels of empathy, compassion or humanity as most other human beings.


5 thoughts on “Going Through The WCA Process Again

  1. Do not fill out yr ESA50.  On the front cross out Healthcare Services and put for ‘DWP eyes only’ – attach your GP’s report and write on it “enabling The Principle of ‘Informed’ Consent” my medical information is confidential between me and my GP.  SEND BACK TO DWP NOT MAXIMUS/HEALTHCARE SERVICES – DO NOT USE THEIR ENVELOPE!

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