Accidentally-leaked emails show #LabourPurge3 starting?


Reports are reaching the SKWAWKBOX about undemocratic – and indeed anti-democratic – measures being taken against pro-Corbyn members that are deeply worrying. A disclosure made, out of desperation, on Facebook by a CLP (constituency Labour party) officer, backed by the vice-Chair of the group, is far from the only such information, but it portrays the clearest and most damning currently available.

surveillanceThe Facebook disclosure concerns North-West Durham CLP and it was posted to the CLP’s Facebook page by a member who had been unable to get any meaningful response from her Chair or CLP Secretary. Here it is in full (from a copy posted by another Facebook user), with commentary. Highlighting is by this blog:

sec 1The Secretary of the CLP sent information to the wrong ‘Fiona’ that was supposed to go to Fiona Stanton at Labour North regional HQ. The email was additional to information that had already been gathered…

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