Labour’s ‘Fake News Czar’…creates fake news


Labour MP Michael Dugher is not exactly what you’d call ‘a class act’. He writes for the worst end of the right-wing rags, has a short fuse, doesn’t respond well to ‘inconvenient’ facts and resorts to abuse at the drop of a hat, at least on social media:

dugher-h-sdugher-moronIn spite – or because – of these and other shortcomings, Dugher was appointed by deputy leader Tom Watson as his ‘fake news czar’, even though it’s far from clear that Watson had the authority to set up his own inquiry into fake news. It was quickly apparent that Dugher was going to give the main source of fake news – the mainstream media (MSM) a free pass and focus his attention on alternative sources of ‘inconvenient’ news, such as the Canary.

If irony hadn’t already died with his appointment, it would be gasping a last breath now, though, because the man…

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