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Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 13.04.49 Pro-EU protest, London

There’s a segment of the British middle class who have been drawn into public life in response to Brexit and the collapsing centre. Prior to 2016, this group was largely satisfied with the status quo. They were pursuing professional jobs and their political activity involved incremental challenges to current policy; through academia, law, journalism or lobbying, advisory, consultancy and think tank work. Most of their engagement, though intensive intellectually, did not involve working in the public eye or trying to mobilise large groups of people in protest. If they wanted to change something, they’d contact a colleague in Westminster, arrange a policy session or luncheon, or lodge a formal legal complaint.

2016 changed that, as the status quo; liberal, market oriented, based in globalised trade and open borders for the wealthy white nations, began to collapse. Institutions that had previously been taken for granted as the birthright of…

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