Watch #PMQs and you’ll see why #Maydarentdebate in #GE2017


empty chairAt PMQs today, Jeremy Corbyn challenged Theresa May on her refusal to participate in any TV debates:

We welcome the General Election, but this is a Prime Minister who promised there wouldn’t be one. A Prime Minister who cannot be trusted. She says it’s about leadership – yet is refusing to defend her record in television debates and it’s not hard to see why. She says we have a stronger economy and yet she can’t explain why people’s wages are lower today than they were ten years ago, why more households are in debt, 6 million people earning less than the living wage. Child poverty is up, pensioner poverty is up. So – why are so many people getting poorer?

May’s response was as weak as it was predictable:

I would point out to the Right Honourable Gentleman that I have been answering his questions and debating these matters every…

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