NHS staff do #publicduty to expose Tory damage – pls help raise awareness. #GE17


A phenomenon is underway on social media – the #publicduty hashtag and related posts. Physicians take an oath to protect their patients. Nurses and other NHS staff devote their lives to it. And they’re fulfilling that public duty – by speaking, plainly and publicly, of the damage our NHS has suffered and continues to suffer at the hands of the Tories.

Why? And why do they need to?

Because the tame corporate media will never tell it straight to the UK public. They’ll fudge, obscure, ‘balance’ – or just ignore it altogether. Even worse, some will try to exploit the NHS’ troubles to nudge us toward private healthcare under euphemisms such as ‘co-payment’.

Below are some of the NHS staff obeying their #publicduty to warn the public what’s happening to our NHS – and what will happen to it if the country votes in a Tory government. You’ll find lots…

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