“For the many, not the few”, Corbyn’s bringing down the Tory house of cards #GE17 #PMQs


HOUSE OF CARDSAs Jeremy Corbyn said in PMQs moments ago, in this General Election the people of the UK face a simple choice: vote for Labour, the party of the many that will benefit the many – or for the Tories and their obsession with enhancing the wealth of the wealthiest at the cost of those who can least afford it.

Theresa May’s election slogan – hardly snappy – is ‘strong and stable leadership in the national interest’. Even a cursory glance at the Tories’ record reveals that, for her, ‘national interest’ means ‘the interest of the 0.1%’.

That same glance also reveals that the notion of Tory ‘strength and stability’ is laughable. From opposition, Labour has inflicted more than thirty u-turns – an exceptional amount – on a Tory government that is spinning so fast it’s ended up chasing its tail.

dog-chasing-own-tailTory ‘strength & stability’

Even May’s decision to call an…

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