Hunt: “Yes, we really DO think you’re all mugs” #NHS #GE17


Jeremy Hunt gave an astonishing interview this morning on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. Astonishing in its content, its hubris, its complete lack of self-awareness – and its complete contempt for the British people.

Talking about Brexit, Hunt said – with a straight face:

If we get a bad outcome, it will be terrible for the British economy. We won’t be able to lock in our recovery, there will be less money for the NHS – all of our public services.

Hunt brexit.pngJeremy Hunt is not famous for his brains. So perhaps he thinks that everyone in the UK has the memory and mental capacity of a goldfish – and has forgotten this:

leave 350m.pngAnd the unseemly, desperate backtracking on the promise, which began the very next morning after the referendum result, such as this from Tory Chris Grayling:

grayling nhs.pngIn other words, Hunt thinks we’re all mugs, or at least that…

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