Real “strong and stable” doesn’t need to tell you it’s strong and stable


In yesterday’s PMQs session – the last one before the General Election – Theresa May and a succession of Tory MPs repeated one phrase, with very slight variations, ad nauseam:

strong and stable government

or, occasionally,

strength and stability

Given Theresa May’s stammering and twitchy performance – which seems to have worsened since she called the election – the Tories succeeded only in making themselves look silly, but presumably they were hoping to give the media no other soundbite to work with.

You couldn’t have a clear case of calling black white and up down, however.

Have you ever met one of those people that can’t stop telling you how good, or rich, or important they are – and you just know they’re over-compensating for a complete lack of whatever it is they want you to believe about them?

That’s Theresa May and the Tories at the moment. They’re…

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