GE2017… Where’s the compassion?

FitzyBlue Musings

It’s been 10 days since the snap election was announced. Quite rightly, it’s dominating the news…in all its glorious partiality (but that is for another day!) Social media has been filled with information, true and fake news, and opinion. My Twitter and Facebook feeds have been filled with views on the General Election, about what this will mean for them and for the country. I’ve seen countless questions from people trying to educate themselves and learn more about what each government would mean for them. But my observations have shown me that there are too many people out there concerned about what it will mean for them. What about others in our society?

Many of the comments I’ve seen have said Labour will allow mass immigration and there’ll be no jobs left. Others have said they’ll be taxed more under a Labour government and be worse off. I’ve seen questions…

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