Voting Labour, Joey Tribbiani and enlightened self-interest

Ramblings of an Ordinary Man

Ever since Theresa May called a ‘snap election’ as a result, in her view, of the House of Commons repeatedly blocking Article 50 and Brexit by having the temerity to vote for it, I find my self fixated with the question of self-interest. I’m not referring to the concerns of Tory MPs sweating through their suits at the thought of doing porridge for election fraud. I’m not even thinking of May’s own selfishness in seeking to establish a one-party-state.

No, I’m thinking about myself and all of you. Let me explain.

Remember that episode of Friends, you know the one where Joey and Phoebe get into an argument about whether true altruism actually exists? Joey, after getting a gig doing a telethon for PBS, angrily tells his friend that there’s no such thing as a genuinely selfless act, after she points out he’s only doing it for the exposure.

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