Welsh ‘indy’ phenomenon shows council losses caused by right-wing die-hards


Much is already being made by the media this morning of Labour losing control of several Welsh councils, as if that’s the main story emerging from Wales this morning as results come in.

It’s certainly a part of it and not something Labour would have wished, but the situation is far more nuanced than the headlines are suggesting.

election countOne thing that can be discerned from the lost control of Merthyr and BG is that it’s not a Tory-driven phenomenon, as the Daily Mirror’s Ben Glaze observed this morning:

it is the independents – many of whom are former Labour members and back socialist policies – who have hurt Labour.

Results in many of the lost councils have been skewed by defections from Labour to Independents – seen in the fact that most have become ‘no overall control’ – but as Glaze pointed out, the defections appear to have been caused by councillors’ objections to the behaviour…

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