The money that ensures Corbyn appears unelectable

It could be you

For some time now, there has been a massive campaign to make Jeremy Corbyn appear to be an unelectable Labour party leader. Contributing to this are the mainstream media’s biased reporting in a bid to stamp out any kind of socialist support. Socialism isn’t a good political model for global capitalistslooking to make vast sums of money and avoid paying tax on their profits through various means. There is another major contribution to the campaign against Labour’s twice democratically elected party Leader that is even more sinister and comes from within the Party. I have provided plentiful links to news articles and statements, to allow you to decide for yourself. All I have done is join the dots to try to expose what has really happened in recent times. I advise reading the article, then follow the links if you want further information.

During Tony Blair‘s tenure as party…

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