Gabriel Vents

Tory arrogance

Osborne’s snide smirk is a nauseating element of class war, but the putz has overstepped the mark with his extra jobs,  at the same time as the social care system starts to collapse. A stupefying Tory arrogance led Gideon has taken such a position.   Gideon is fuelled by cocaine, which is an open secret, but in his extreme arrogance or chutzpah, Gideon is brazen as shtup. Putrid Osborne can be directly contrasted by this article by Ryan.  The Tories have allowed the foundations to crumble while relentlessly pointing at the ceiling. When people ask what fuelled the Brexit vote, they never look at the direct link between Tory engineered austerity and a bitter hatred for the Establishment. Osborne’s snide smirk is a grim reminder of all that ordinary people hate about an out of touch elite who hate ordinary decent people. To quote Mark Lucky Russell on Facebook: “The cardboard…

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