Aldershot Labour tried very hard not to win an election

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Aldershot is a run down town, more like a large inner city. Prime picking for Labour one would have thought when Theresa May called an unnecessary General Election.

Labour in Aldershot ran an atrocious campaign. They tried very hard not to win.

Local candidate, local party, leader of local party, did an excellent job to work really hard not to win an election.

A useless candidate, and little evidence of any campaigning.

But when you look at their local councillors, easy to see something very wrong.

The only reason these useless candidates get elected is that they stand in slum estates where the electorate, when they can be arsed to vote, vote Labour as a knee-jerk reaction.

A complete failure to make use of social media, both by the candidate and leader of the local party.

Where were the posts of Jeremy Corbyn addressing mass rallies, John McDonnell making excellent…

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One thought on “Aldershot Labour tried very hard not to win an election

  1. Even worse than reported at the time.

    Last Wedensday evening checked the twitter feed of local candidate, leader of local Labour Party.

    Candidate tweeting about local Fire Station, leader of local group tweeting about a dinner at Aldershot Football Club.

    A tweet retweeted from Dan Jarvis, one of the coup plooers who attacked Jeremy Corbyn and the reason why Labour started so far behind in the polls.

    The local Labour group one of the few across the country that opposed Jeremy Corbyn as leader.

    Monday I by chance bumped into the laeder of the local group.

    Leader: I have seen your tweets.

    Me: Your campaign was a disgrace.

    He walked away laughing.

    Something seriously wrong.

    An insider has told me the campaign was sabotaged from within.

    Another has said their will be an inquiry.

    It needs Momentum to clear out their rubbish local councillors who are a disgrace and an embarrassment, and to put forward an activist as candidate should another General Election be called.

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