de Piero using Corbyn to seek votes in CAC campaign. Here’s why to ignore


MP for Ashfield Gloria de Piero was the recipient of a kindness from Jeremy Corbyn in his post-election reshuffle, in the form of an appointment to the front-bench position of Shadow Minister for Justice.

She is also standing for re-election to the CAC (Conference Arrangements Committee) and is supported in that endeavour by the intractably anti-Corbyn pressure group Labour First.

Yet in spite of this, as Labour First’s latest email shows, she is aligning herself with Corbyn in her updated campaign statement, in order to attract the votes of Corbyn supporters:

lf gdp 3Corbyn’s generosity toward Ms de Piero should not be allowed to distract Labour members from her recent history or to lead them to believe she has suddenly become a reliable Corbyn supporter.

The original version of her campaign statement did not mention Corbyn at all, let alone mention supporting him:

lf gdp 2.jpgBut the recent huge majority of CLPs supporting…

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