Important: WRAG/sanction – don’t panic yet

This is understandable, I once made three calls to DWP asked same question to three different employees got an entirely different answer each time. Yes two yr WCA-go-round seems pretty standard they do it already so to continue when moved to or claiming UC would probably be the way of things. Mx


dwp crestEarlier today the SKWAWKBOX published an article about the application of the Universal Credit (UC) ‘claimant commitment’ to disabled people. That article was based on information from a recent DWP employee and the details were confirmed before publication by a current DWP employee of 15 years experience. It indicated that disabled people not placed in the ‘Support Group’ by the DWP’s contracted medical assessors would have two years to find work and would then face sanction.

However, others have challenged whether the claimant commitment would be applied in this way, so the SKWAWKBOX has checked with other DWP veterans.

And has received mixed answers.

Some have stated that sanctions could be applied as claimants are removed from the ‘WRAG’ (work-related activity) group – but have pointed out that such sanctions would only affect the ‘standard’ element of UC and that child, housing and other elements would still be paid.


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