Tories/media STILL pushing #studentdebtlie shows terror, bankruptcy


The Tories and their media allies are still – in spite of absolutely unequivocal evidence to the contrary – pushing the lie that Corbyn and Labour are ‘rowing back’ on a supposed ‘election promise’ to cancel all student debts.

Some rags are screaming about Corbyn’s ‘humiliation’ over student debt, but in fact are only humiliating themselves in their desperation. Other outlets are simply talking of it as if it’s fact — often without anyone present to put them right, although bravo to Labour front-bencher Sarah Champion for calling out BBC host John Pienaar when he did it, for the second week in a row, on his latest Sunday morning politics show on Radio 5 Live:

John, you’re better than that. You know that that wasn’t a promise.

Clearly he’s not better than that – but he’s just one of a host of TV presenters, politics pundits and others supporting a…

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