The rollout of Universal Credit should be paused until significant problems with it are fixed (petition)

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We are adding our voice to a growing body of evidence that Universal Credit is causing financial distress, and ask for the further roll out of Universal credit to be paused until existing problems with it are fixed;

Our principal concerns are;
*more than one in three people are waiting in excess of 6 weeks to receive any income, and 11 per cent are waiting more than 10 weeks

*rent arrears among Universal Credit claimants are rising.
*clients on universal credit are nearly one and a half times as likely to seek advice on debt issues compared to those on other benefits.
*foodbanks in areas of full universal credit rollout to single people, couples and families, have seen a 16.85 per cent average increase in referrals for emergency food, more than double the national average of 6.64 per cent.

Why is this important?

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