The media’s depiction of Venezuela’s president Maduro as a dictator, follows a familiar pattern

Road To Somewhere Else

By Daniel Margrain

The corporate mass media are well aware what side of the class war their bread is buttered. Their reporting of the events in Venezuela is a case in point. “Venezuela Leaps Towards Dictatorship” said The Economist. “Venezuela Flirts With Outright Dictatorship”, exclaimed The Independent. The New York Times headlined with “Venezuela’s Descent Into Dictatorship”, while The Guardian’s “Let’s Call Venezuela What it is under Maduro: a Dictatorship”, was even more forthright in it’s message. To top it all, Newsweek went for the double whammy, “Putin Steps In To Bolster Venezuelan Dictator, Maduro.”

These headlines represent a taste of the sensationalist anti-Venezuela government propaganda witnessed since president Nicolas Maduro’s decision to augment the Venezuelan constitution spearheaded by his predecessor, Hugo Chavez, in 1999. The narrative of the corporate media presents a totally distorted picture of the unfolding of events in the country.

We have been here before…

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