Exclusive: HQ admin slip suggests Labour ‘scraping’ member social media info


labour scrape.pngAn admin slip by a functionary has raised fears that the Labour’s right-dominated HQ is ‘scraping‘ – collating from various sources without obvious links – the social media information of members in readiness for a future repeat of the ‘purges’ that suspended and expelled members during the party’s last two leadership elections.

The SKWAWKBOX exclusively revealed audio last month that appeared to show a ‘compliance’ operative indicating that the party had ways to access even protected social media feeds. Labour denied that this was the case.

But new evidence seems to suggest that Labour is conducting some kind of collation of social media from various sources, even where social media accounts are unconnected to email addresses used on members’ party accounts.

Labour’s handling of members’ social media feeds for disciplinary purposes earned the party a rebuke by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and General Secretary Ian McNicol issued

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