New Media & Censorship

Excellent piece Daniel.
Food for thought, my blog (nowhere near as popular as most but still ave 50+ views daily) used to get almost equal views from UK and USA but in last few days USA views have stopped totally. There’s still views from many other countries but zero from USA. Maybe it’s nothing but I’ll keep and eye on things. M

Road To Somewhere Else

By Daniel Margrain

During the height of the anti-capitalist movement in 2002, I wrote a paper as part of my MA in which I said:

“There are a broad cross-section of different types of organization that represent the breadth and diversity of the movement. These organizations include Amnesty International, ATTAC, Friends of the Earth, Globalise Resistance, Socialist Workers Party, World Development Movement, Ya Basta! and Zapatistas. The theoretical and academic apologia for the politics of anti-capitalism is given journalistic expression through the World Wide Web. Indymedia @, medialens @ and znet @ are three examples of alternative networks of collectively run media outlets who analyse and critique the mainstream media and other issues related to globalisation and capitalism.”

I continued:

“The growth of new (physical) technologies allied with the development of the (virtual) media, is resulting in the revival and reworking of the classical ideal of an…

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