Activate! De-activate!


Jeremy Corbyn and the non-Progress section of the Labour Party enthused a desire to vote for people under forty at the first of this year’s general elections; this included many first-time voters.  A variety of surveys and polls since the election have revealed a large majority of support for Labour for people aged twenty-five and under.  

Even when the Tories have had large majority support in the entire electorate Labour received more votes from first-time voters but the size of Labour’s majority support among younger people now is the largest it’s ever been.  There are several reasons for the gap between Labour’s and the Tories’ respective appeals to the younger voters including Labour’s shift leftward, Tories’ increasing incompetence, a reaction to Brexit – a minority of younger people voted to leave the EU, and the success of Momentum as a galvanising organisation.  Momentum is not specifically a youth movement but…

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