Centre For Social Justice


(Website: Centre For Social Justice)


“The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) was established as an independent think-tank in 2004 to put social justice at the heart of British politics and make policy recommendations to tackle the root causes of poverty.”

Created by Iain Duncan-Smith, whose actions as DWP minister caused death, destitution and homelessness, particularly for people with disabilities, The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) exists to absolve the government’s policies of cause or blame for rapidly increasing desperate poverty of millions of people in Britain.  It seeks to achieve this misdirection by re-defining poverty as entirely the fault of those who suffer with it.

The CSJ’s assessment methodology is to describe what it pretends to perceive is a cause of poverty with no reference whatsoever to the existence of government policy that fails to help the individual or, indeed, that exacerbates the problem.  Three examples of this twisted…

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