Excl: Universal Credit – DWP reverts to ‘legacy benefits’ in ‘live service’ areas


dwpp3The roll-out of Universal Credit (UC) has been a national disgrace to the government and a disaster to claimants, many of whom have found themselves penniless and forced into debt or even evicted as a result of huge delays in payments – not to mention the intentional delays built into the process of switching from existing benefits to UC.

The Tories have attempted to justify their determination to press ahead with the roll-out – in spite of being informed by Labour, charities and campaigners of the hardship and suffering being caused by the chaos and unfitness of the UC system – by means of ridiculous claims or simply closing their ears.

On occasion they haven’t even attempted to justify it, instead simply hiding from debates and refusing to vote when they expect to lose, so they can pretend a unanimous defeat isn’t really a defeat.

But it seems the chaos…

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