Sex, Lies and Hypocrisy: The Last Time Sleaze Brought Down The Tories

Tides of History

At the beginning of the 1990s, single mothers became the ‘enemy of the people’ in the eyes of hard right Conservative MPs. But when the party looked to moralise on the issue, they discovered that single mothers were not an alien from an unruly underclass –  but within everyone’s families, especially the ones of high ranking Tory Cabinet Ministers.

The resignation of Damian Green has many reaching for parallels with the early 1990s. Labour activists have used #SLEAZE to highlight the actions of Green and others in the ongoing Westminster sex scandal. In the years 1994-95, the world Sleaze entered the national discourse for the first time, used to describe any number of Tory misdemeanours. Just two years prior to that, the Tories had won a record 14.1 million votes. Unlike the insurgency now felt by Labour, in the aftermath of 1992, many people asked the question ‘Can Labour ever win again?’


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