Tory councillor demands May government makes open support of EU illegal!!!

Pride's Purge

Contrary to the press narrative, it’s not the Labour Party which is being taken over by extremists.

Amazingly, a Tory councillor in Guildford –  Christian Holliday – is demanding that the Theresa May government makes open support of the EU a criminal offence:


I’m afraid to say this is not a joke or a parody.

It shows just how far to the right the Tory Party has gone since Brexit.

Cllr Holliday has since deleted his tweet, presumably on the orders of Tory Central Office.

But cllr Holliday’s petition to the government can still be seen online – for the moment at least:


It seems the Tories are going full-on tinfoil hat Trump style off-the-wall extremist over Brexit.

But unlike Trump – they’re actually running our country.

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