From the age of nuclear ‘deterrence’ to an era of first-strike posturing – a creeping escalation

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and President Donald Trump are to meet in person by May, it has been announced, which is an extraordinary overture after months of mutual hostility. News of the meeting was delivered by South Korean officials after talks with Trump at the White House. They passed a verbal message from chairman Kim, saying the North Korean leader was “committed to denuclearisation”. 

Though Trump hailed this as “great progress”, he said the current sanctions would remain in place. China has welcomed the development, saying the Korean peninsula issue was “heading in the right direction” and calling for “political courage”.

However, correspondents say the North had halted missile and nuclear tests during previous talks, only to resume them when it lost patience or felt it was not getting what it demanded.

The latest announcement came days after the South Korean delegation met chairman Kim in Pyongyang. 

In a statement sent…

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