The country I grew up in is dying

Fear and loathing in Great Britain


Theresa May struts around as if she owns Britain and yet domestically and globally she is Britain’s worst enemy.

Nearly a year has passed since the catastrophe of Grenfell Tower. Even at the time it was played down by Theresa May and it quickly became clear that it was a political football, a battle of the privileged few against the lives of the victims. Politically (for the Tories), Grenfell is dead, promises lie hollow and empty in a vacuum of empty words. Real people with real lives, are completely ignored in the corridors of Tory power.

The recent atrocities in Gaza have been met with absolute silence from Number 10 and its incumbent. The UN has voted to send international war crimes investigators to Gaza, a vote in which Britain abstained. Abstention, like silence, is a vote, in what is self evidently a humanitarian crisis.

The despicable treatment of the…

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