Marxism in the 21st Century and the Future for World Socialism


ROBERT GRIFFITHS spoke at a conference in Shenzhen, China, last week on ‘Marxism in the 21st Century and the Future for World Socialism’. Here is his speech:  

In Das Kapital, Marx explained how and why — as the result of capital accumulation and technological advance — capitalism creates a ‘disposable industrial reserve army’ from dispossessed, displaced and redundant workers.

Today, capitalism reproduces this reserve army on an ever-growing scale. Uneven development, Third World debt bondage, the deregulation of labour markets, accelerating technological change — together with large population movements caused by imperialist war and climate change — have added scores of millions of migrant workers and refugees to that army.

This underlines how vital it is to bring these workers out of the shadows, recruit them into trade unions, cover them by collective bargaining agreements and so end their own super-exploitation and the undercutting of local wages and…

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