Raab & Hancock: Brothers Grim


kraytwinsAfter yet another Brexit farce and resultant resignations, Theresa May was forced to swirl the turds around in the Tory bowl.  Two of the beneficiaries were Dominic Raab (new Brexit Secretary) and Matt Hancock (new health Secretary); the most pungent turds rose nearest to May’s net.

Raab‘s tenure began with an arrogant display in the House Of Commons yesterday: He deliberately withheld copies of the latest Brexit bill from opposition MPs prior to a debate about the bill.  A pantomime followed where members of staff rushed in with recently printed copies for the members of the House.  The deliberate delay in issuing copies of the bill was intended as a show of contempt by Raab.  He wanted to be seen to be ignoring procedure and to be seen to be insulting opposition MPs.

Raab’s prime job is as a visible employee of the Institute Of Economic Affairs (IEA).  All…

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