Centrist media’s promotion of extreme right-wing clowns


Grubby violent crook Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (mortgage fraud, assaulting a police officer, travelling on a false passport, etc.) was released from a jail sentence recently via a technicality.  He had been jailed for contempt of court after physically harassing witnesses and defendants on several occasions at different courts.

Whether he should or should not have received a custodial sentence is of interest only to legal nerds.  His racist supporters used the conviction as an opportunity to grab media airtime.  Intelligent humane people snorted in derision. 

As soon as the racist twerp was free, liberal centrist media wrestled with each other to be the first to prostrate at Yaxley-Lennon’s feet and beg for interviews.  He was happy to oblige, of course.  But, why would the allegedly anti-racist section of the media be so keen to offer free airtime to such an extremist and such an idiot?  Their fraudulent excuse was “free speech.” …

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