Infantilisation of Culture

A Word in Your Ear

It seems only half a century ago that adults were characterised by adult behaviour and only infants, idiots and the yahoos of both the feral upper class and lowest social class youth engaged in revolting and infantile behaviour. Adults would look with tolerant disdain as toddlers engaged in the very adult-shocking behaviour of introducing the naughty word poo into every possible discourse.  Two year olds of the fifties who soon outgrew their behaviour unlike respectable adult journalists of today.

How we laughed at the outrageous sado-masochistic mass entertainment shows from the far East where contestants would compete for prizes by allowing themselves to be lowered into baths filled with worms/insects or other revolting mucks, now (is this multi-culturalism?) on a tv close to you and engaged in by our very own celebrities.  Well, I always wondered what celebrities’ claim to fame was.

The days when Peeping Toms were despised as…

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