The ‘Intensive Personalised Employment Support’ programme & the problematic political application of Letwin’s theory of change

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An ‘Intensive Personalised Employment Support’ programme is to be introduced which will “provide personalised employment support for long-term unemployed disabled people,” the new Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd has announced.

“Disabled people will be able to work with a dedicated key worker to get and stay in employment,” she says.

The support comes from a new £40 million fund and is expected to benefit around 10,000 people.

The Intensive Personalised Employment Support programme will provide “highly personalised packages of employment support for people who are at least a year away from moving into work.”

People will be provided with coaching to help build their independence, confidence and motivation, as well as work experience to help boost their career prospects.

Rudd added: “Everyone, no matter what their background is, should have the opportunity to thrive in the workplace, and having the right support in place for disabled people is…

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1 thought on “The ‘Intensive Personalised Employment Support’ programme & the problematic political application of Letwin’s theory of change

  1. It’s pretty obvious that there are not enough jobs to go around and this latest feeble effort is just kicking the can. The UK manufacturing base was deliberately destroyed starting with Thatcher and continued by governments of both colours. We are now in a position where actually making things (value added) accounts for around seven percent of GDP and politicians are saying they want it back.
    (Your eye looking at me as I write is very distracting)
    Rather than admit to the fact that it’s bankers and politicians who cased the original downturn we have all had to become “lazy layabouts”. This in turn has led the government to the all-time low of kicking the arses of the weak, the disabled and the needy because they can’t find any real layabouts.

    I was watching a Scottish MP this morning saying that the “Peoples Vote” is becoming more popular. It’s not popular with me and I reckon with the vast majority. The cheeky SNP want to be British for a voice in parliament and Scottish when it comes to Brexit – convenient but illogical. I sincerely believe that the reason so many voted to leave was because of these people who are supposed to represent us, representing themselves and the establishment. A single opportunity to strike back at those we are beginning to dislike. Who, apart from the SNP wants this vote? It’s Blair, the bankers and the Tories, the very same people who started the mess.

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