Leaked document reveals how government are micromanaging public perceptions of the government’s austerity programme

Sounds like an initiative to promote a perception of Government integrity.

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voltaireA leaked dossier, apparently a joint study by the Cabinet Office and Department for Work and Pensions, states: “Austerity and its fall-out undermined perceptions of competence and the belief that [the government is] acting fairly, openly and with integrity.”

The damning document was accidentally disclosed by an unnamed person who revealed it in front of Westminster journalists and photographers. It highlights the fundamental disconnect between what people experience and what they are being told by the government. 

The document shows part of a study into the public’s trust in politics, government and the party in power, in an attempt to build trust and “improve government communications.” It indicates a shameful government that thinks soundbites rather than a much needed positive change in policy direction is an adequate way of running the country. 

The authors named on the document are Laura de Moliere, the Department for Work and Pension’s lead behavioural scientist, and…

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