Tom Bower, a gossip writer


What image would come to mind if you were to imagine the appearance of someone who rummages through others’ discarded toilet tissue?  What would a character hiding in the bushes with night-sight and a long lens look like?  How would you depict a earwigger listening to intimate gossip of a stranger?

Would he look like this?

TomBowerTom Bower

Above is Tom Bower who claims to be an “author” and an “investigative journalist“.  Bower’s job is neither of those professions.  He is a splicer of salacious gossip about famous people.  He occupies the lowest rung on the integrity ladder of writers, a rung embedded deep down in putrid sewage.

Bower found a niche, devoid of human characteristics, and has wallowed there contentedly for decades.

Today, (Sunday 10th February 2019), the Daily Mail began a serialisation of Bower’s latest rectal expulsion, ‘Dangerous Hero: Corbyn’s Ruthless Plot for Power.’ …

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