Your No Licence Needed claim expires soon. Please get in touch

Fear and Loathing in Great Britain

Letter to BBC Licencing

TV Licensing,

you for your “Your No Licence Needed claim expires soon. Please
get in touch’ letter as my ‘No Licence Needed’ expires: May 2019.

appreciate that you need to check if my No Licence Needed
circumstances have changed. The answer is no, I am still, in law,
under the presumption of innocence, under no obligation to prove my
innocence in any circumstances.

just to clarify matters, I would also like taken into consideration,
for the record and to save time, the presumption of innocence of
thousands of other crimes I have not committed, including – murder,
rape, shoplifting, theft or fraud, espionage, speeding, robbery,
breaking and entering, knife crimes, no licence needed to hold a gun
licence and taking candy from children.

you feel the need to send one of your excellent Enquiry Officers
round, I would be happy to…

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