Jacinda Ardern said “This is not New Zealand” but when it comes to white supremacy, Māori have a different view

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The shocking and tragic events of the white supremacist terrorist shootings in Christchurch have ignited a debate about white supremacy in Aotearoa (or New Zealand), but as Jill Johnson writes, it’s not surprising in light of a violent history that has not yet been faced up to

Featured image: Jacinda Ardern is welcomed by Kaahautau Maxwell at Rātana – the first major Māori political event she attended as prime minister

I wouldn’t want to be Jacinda Ardern right now, and not just because of a white supremacist, semi-automatic gun-toting terrorist, whose name she will not say.

As news of the Christchurch atrocity trickled in, like the rest of the world, I was horrified that this could happen in such a peaceful country. 50 men, women and children murdered whilst at prayer, dozens more injured. It was unbelievable. Then I heard that the shooter was a white supremacist and I began…

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