Cardiff council and police forcibly remove homeless peoples’ essential life -preserving belongings

As someone that spent a long time homeless on the streets, I’m disgusted and angry about the rise in homelessness plus the way homeless people are thought of and treated by other humans. The “othering” of different social groups – another gift from forty years of social engineering by those enamoured of the Neo-liberal socio-economic ideology.

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Jay blue

Homeless man, Jay Blue, who had his personal property seized by the council and police. Image: Jonathan Myers/WalesOnline)

Council officers cleared an ‘encampment of tents’ in Cardiff city centre on Wednesday after giving homeless people living there just 24 hours to leave.

I wonder where they imagined homeless people would go? 

Police officers supervised the evictions and at one point held a homeless man back as he remonstrated with officials and demanded the return of his possessions. He was stunned when his worldly possessions disappeared onto the back of a truck.

As the camp was cleared and property seized, the homeless man told council staff: “You have no right to throw my stuff away, this is what keeps me alive.”

He added: “You’re pushing me in a doorway and I’m not going in a doorway” before desperately grabbing onto the truck as it tried to drive away. He was subsequently ‘spoken to’ by…

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