Technocratic catatonia


A discrepancy allows MPs to change political allegiance without being required to seek re-election; when an MP changes from one party to another (or becomes an “independent” MP) a by-election is called only if the MP asks for it.  This fault in democracy means voters rely on the integrity of MPs. 

In 2014 two Tory MPs joined UKIP and both called by-elections immediately.  In 2019 several MPs left Labour and Tory and joined Independent Group but none has called a by-election.  The latter group of MPs are manipulating the rules in order to steal parliamentary seats from voters who voted for their respective former parties.  They are democracy thieves.

Independent Group is a technocrat organisation.  For it, democracy is an inconvenience and an obstacle.  In particular, electoral choice between conservatism and socialism is problematic for technocrats because the second option might be chosen by the voters.  If the right…

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