“The X Agenda”: what does XR actually stand for?

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On Wednesday May 1 2019 the UK Parliament declared a “climate emergency”.

Extinction Rebellion and its supporters were, needless to say, cock-a-hoop.

Their big London protest-cum-lobby had achieved one of their main demands.

After four centuries of rapacious, violent, militaristic capitalism, the British state had miraculously changed course towards a new and fluffy future.

And all because of people partying in the streets of London and smiling at the police.

A certain gloating tone had crept into XR’s communications even before the official announcement was made.

“Despite the active opposition by the established climate activist groups, the left and the big NGOs, look at what #ExtinctionRebellion has achieved” they tweeted.


Eh? What? Active opposition from whom?


For many of us, XR’s moment of triumph seems less like the end of one phase of…

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1 thought on ““The X Agenda”: what does XR actually stand for?

  1. I’m all in favour of cleaning-up the petrol and diesel fumes that are choking us. I’m all in favour of cleaning-up pollution and the oceans of plastic. What bothers me is when it’s connected to climate change, something obviously (to me and many others) a political scam. Do Extinction Rebellion have anything to say about climate engineering chemtrails and what about 5G? I think we should be told as it all appears a little weird.

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