Nigel Farage is embodiment of political manure


Immediately after being shook up by a caramel milkshake on Monday (20th May) Farage complained to his security staff.  He wanted preemptive strikes against potential hurlers of soft drinks.

The day after, complicit broadcasters and journalists lined up excitedly to give Farage airtime where he expressed his feigdignation and he vomited hypocrisy. 
(Quotes below taken from New European report.)

I just think we’ve reached a point where normal campaigning is becoming very difficult, and that in a democratic society cannot be a good thing.”

Farage never campaigns “normally.”  In the EU election campaign,

  • He is always surrounded by his hired goons. 
  • He banned Channel 4 from Brexit Party events because of a programme about the party’s dubious funding mechanism. 
  • He and his party refused to state any policy intent (other than supporting brexit). 
  • He lied frequently regarding his previous statements on how brexit should…

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